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     I'm Casie. Mom to Knox, although now he sometimes calls me "bruh." Twelve years later I became "mommy" again to baby girl Minka. 

     Being a single mom quickly sparked a "hustle" in me that found me this niche and has made me the Red Headed Teacher.

     I started creating resources when my son was two because I needed things that were not provided (shocker 😂). If I didn't have something I needed I taught myself how to create it (YouTube was my best friend). Now I create resources to help colleagues and hopefully create a happier, more well balanced, teaching life for others. 

     My passion is treating every child as if they were my own. Kids are precious and I remember what it felt like when my own child was in kinderargarten. We want our babies to be loved. We want their teacher to look forward to being with them every day. In my experience, it's always been teachers that had a good work life balance that were the happiest. 

     My goal is to help you find a better work life balance by providing resources, helping you laugh, providing fun merchandise, and "geeking" out with you on the latest teaching research. 

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